Voor digitale technologie gedreven verandering

HP Ligthart

Hans-Peter is an electrical engineer in information technology He applies an engineering approach, which means understanding and fixing things; Early career fixing technical challenges, later career fixing organizations. His background allows him to understand the challenges organizations are facing with the fast changes due to technological advancements. He worked across different disciplines, industries and countries in profit and not for profit organizations.

Hans-Peter is a commercial nerd, who loves to work on the business benefits technology can bring.


My leadership profile is “turning vision into action”. My leadership style is based on the principle that professional are good at their job. My task as a leader is to set the environment such that they be that professional driven by what they are disposed to do, rather than supposed to do. In the mean while assuring alignment with the organization’s goals and purpose. I have a strong business acumen. I like change. My style is open and transparent. I am not detail oriented.

Digital Transformation

Already very early in my life a had a passion for technology, building transmission equipment for illegal radio stations. Selecting a study information technology at the University of Applied Science in Amsterdam allowed me to transform my hobby into a job. As an engineer I acquired the capacity to grasp the technology driven challenges organizations are facing today. Digital technology is now part of any business or profession. My digital transformation experience is in education and retail, managing an e-commerce department and education innovation projects. I was member if the expert groep B2B commerce (2017) en replatforming (2018) shopping tomorrow

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