Ligtol Interim Management

Voor digitale technologie gedreven verandering

Where does the name Ligtol stand for?

The name Ligtol is a combination of Ligthart and Oil. My father was selling fuel oil under that name in Amsterdam during fifties. When natural gas was found in the Netherlands in 1959 the country transitioned to gas heated houses. This transition was disruptive to my father’s business.
I re-instated the company. Now Ligtol is a “Harlem oil” for organizations helping organization avoid disruption by current digital technology disruptive forces.
Harlem oil was a famous remedy for all ailments in the middle ages.
“Ligtol for a smooth organisation”

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Ligtol Interim Management is an agency based in Amsterdam founded by Hans-Peter Ligthart. Founder Hans-Peter is available for interim assignments. Hans-Peter has 30 years experience in profit and not for profit organizations and various business segments as team leader and as subject matter expert in e-commerce, sales, marketing, project management and project management. Hans-Peter primary focus is helping organizations navigate in this complex fast changing digital world.

Hans-Peter Ligthart

Interim Manager for technology driven change

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Technology driven change

Digital is not a separate new discipline. Neither is digital the task of IT. Everybody needs to understand digital in his or her job or business. The aim is to create a digital first mindset in the company.
Present your management/leadership challenge to me and after a quick scan I will make you a proposal how I will address the issue using 30 years experience with a truck load of management tools/practices. In my blog I share my insight on digital transformation.

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I have got to know Hans-Peter Ligthart as a constructive critical person with a healthy view on the world around him. Professionally he is wel informed and a easy to work with. He is able to motivate his team to go the extra mile. I have worked with Hans-Peter on a public procurement project to develop a new service for application delivery. A fruitful collaboration.


Hans-Peter is somebody who likes to challenge the status quo. Doing that, he does not empty handed – he offers new business models and is able to present a vision from various angles. He has good antenna’s for (technology) trends and game changers.


Hans-Peter is a successful and result oriented Team Manager. He posesses strong analytical skills, commercial insight and a broad experience.




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